The word 'insurance' comes from Persian which means - 'to take responsibility'
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The word 'insurance' comes from Persian which means - 'to take responsibility'

What Is Insurance?

Insurance is a kind of contract. Which makes an agreement between the insurance agency and the insured which is legally enforceable. Under this agreement, the insurance company takes a fixed amount (premium) from the insured and pays the insured person or company compensation in case of any loss according to the terms of the policy.

What is the type of insurance?

There are two types of insurance products available in India. Mainly, insurance products are classified as:

1. Life Insurance

2. General Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance implies that on the death of the person who bought the insurance policy, his chosen one gets compensation from the insurance company. It becomes difficult to manage the expenses of the household If the head of the family dies prematurely. It is necessary to take a life insurance policy to secure his family. In our planning, it is suggested to, first of all, buy a life insurance policy.

General Insurance 

General insurance includes health, vehicles, houses, crops insurance, etc.

Health Insurance:- Nowadays the expense of treatment is expanding extremely quickly. The insurance agency takes care of the expense of treatment in the event of an ailment when taking health care coverage. Under the medical coverage strategy, the insurance agency gives the sum spent on therapy in the event of any sort of sickness. The extent of use on a sickness relies upon your medical coverage strategy.

Home Insurance:- If you safeguard your home with an overall insurance agency, at that point there is the security of your home. Subsequent to buying a protection strategy, in the event that your home endures any sort of harm, at that point the insurance agency pays for it.

Education Insurance:- The kid schooling protection is similar to an extra security strategy which has been uniquely planned as a saving instrument. Schooling protection can be an extraordinary method to give a singular measure of cash when your youngster arrives at the age for advanced education and gains passage into school (18 years or more). This asset would then be able to be utilized to pay for your youngster's advanced education costs. Under this protection, the youngster is the existence guaranteed or the beneficiary of the assets, while the parent/legitimate watchman is the proprietor of the arrangement. You can assess the measure of cash that will go into financing your kids' advanced education utilizing Education Planning.

Crop Insurance:- According to the current guidelines, each farmer taking an agricultural loan is required to buy crop insurance. Under the harvest protection strategy, the insurance company gives compensation to the farmer for any loss to the crop. Under the crop insurance policy, compensation is given by the insurance company in case of crop failure due to fire, flood, or because of some infection.

What are the Benefits of Insurance?

Insurance is a management tool, not only benefits the individual and businesses but also benefits the society and economy in numerous ways. Some of the important benefits & profit of insurance:

Advances Economic Development:-  As insurance funds are invested in different activities like water supply, power, and roads, etc, it contributes to the general economic development of the country.

Also, he provides employment opportunities to people. He contributes to economic growth in many other ways, for example, getting Foreign Direct Investment, paying taxes on the profit earned, and investing in the capital market, etc.

Gives tax reduction:- Guaranteed gets the tax cuts for a premium paid relying upon the protection item type. For instance, the exceptional paid towards extra security plans fits the bill for charge derivation under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Also, the top-notch paid towards medical coverage plans fit the bill for charge derivation under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Story of Benefit of Life Insurance

Story 1:

Vivek, a mechanical engineer living in Delhi meets with an accident and dies on the spot leaving his wife and son in deep emotional shock. He was just 37! He has a home loan of 20 lakhs. Luckily, Vivek has taken a term insurance cover of INR. 1 Cr. at the age of 30 years for 20 years of the policy tenure. His wife received compensation from the insurance company within 15 days which helped her pay off the debt and invest the corpus for future needs.

If he hadn't taken the wise decision of investing in life insurance, his family would have been in a huge financial crisis today! Life Insurance is an important thing to save your family’s future.

Story 2:

Ravi, a bank chief in Chennai suddenly fell unconscious due to a high fever. He then goes to the nearest hospital. He was admitted for 5 days in the hospital for treatment. When he was discharged after 5 days, his hospital bill came up to around INR 50,000. Luckily, he had taken health insurance coverage for INR 2,00,000. As the hospital was listed in the network hospitals of his insurer. If he had not known the importance of health insurance, he would have to pay INR 50, 000 out of his pocket. Health Insurance helps you to have stability during unforeseen events.


Be it life insurance, health care coverage, or general protection, you can purchase a protection strategy online just as on the web. Much the same as there are protection specialists who will help you purchase a strategy, there are sites also that you can purchase an approach from. Guarantee that you have done your research prior to picking and putting resources into a protection strategy.

Shield your life and significant resources against all the vulnerabilities with the assistance of protection. Understand what protection inclusions you need, analyze and contribute admirably. It's essential to comprehend that the requirement for protection is to get what.

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